Nama-STEAM: Children's Camps (Gr. 5-7)

DATE CHANGE:  August 7-11, 9-2pm

Introducing a camp that designed to exercise both sides of your brain AND your body! We call it Nama-STEAM. Nama-STEAM incorporates the power of wellness and yoga with learning experiences to sharper our young minds.  

This year’s learning experience theme is climate change.

What is nama-steam?

Over the course of a week we’ll use  Science, Technology, Engineering Art and Math to explore and deepen our understanding of climate change globally and here in Southern California. We’ll do yoga to stay centered and encourage playful creativity as we design a local climate impact project that campers will propose to the La Canada City Youth Council.

During one week campers will learn and review:

  • Climate and weather science (Science)

  • Fractions, Percents, Unit Rates & Scientific Notation (Math)

  • Microsoft excel and basic spreadsheet analysis (Technology)

  • Word problems, collaborative problem-solving (Engineering)

  • Watercolor, ceramics, charcoal (Art)

  • Presentation design, public speaking (Communications)

  • Meditation techniques, introductory yoga poses (Yoga)


About the Instructors: 

Kasey Hurlbutt: Kasey earned her Bachelors and Masters in Environmental Engineering from Stanford University with an emphasis in climate change and sustainability. She is a registered California Professional Engineer and spent the first part of her career designing sustainable stormwater systems for transportation projects and managing a global sustainability program measuring environmental, social and economic impacts of a Fortune 500 company. At the age of 26 she was tapped to direct the global rebrand of one of the world’s premiere climate change and water engineering firms, CH2M. She successfully launched the new brand in 2015 at which time she chose to take a sabbatical and explore her passion for wellness. As a certified yoga teacher, Kasey has taught over 600 yoga classes to thousands of yogis, ages 7-70, including serving as the yoga counselor for Spartan All-Stars Camp in 2016. Kasey’s passion for climate change and wellness is only surpassed by her love for children. Since 2002 Kasey has counseled, directed and organized more than 50 weeks of camps.

Jenna Macho: Jenna majored in education and minored in fine arts at Santa Clara University. After graduation Jenna joined the Jesuit Volunteer Corps and moved to Harlem, New York City where she taught fourth grade at St. Aloysius. She returned to Southern California in 2010 to pursue her masters in elementary education at Loyola Marymount University. She is currently in her third year at St. Felicitas Perpetua where she teaches fifth grade. In addition to her knack for and love of teaching, Jenna has a deep passion for art. She took her first art classes at Lindsay Epstein’s Art Children Art Classes in the early ‘90s while she was at Palm Crest Elementary. She continued to explore and nurture her artistic imagination and skills at LCHS and then at Santa Clara. In 2009, Jenna joined Lindsay as a business partner and they renamed the studio The Art Room located in La Crescenta on Foothill Blvd, just past Oceanview. Over the past 30 years, The Art Room has served more than 1,000 youngsters in the La Canada/La Crescenta area.

A Best Friend Collaboration

Kasey and Jenna have been best friends for half their lives. They met while teaching religious education to third graders back when they were 15. They both graduated from LCHS in 2004 and stayed close as they moved up to Stanford and Santa Clara. When Kasey moved back to Southern California last year they became roommates and business partners! Their current joint venture, Yoga & Art, is a monthly adult event that combines their favorite things: movement, creativity and wine!


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Nama-STEAM incorporates the power of wellness and yoga with learning experiences to sharpen our young minds.